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Visa Online Application 

Visa or Tourist Card it is valid for a single entry into Cuba for a trip of 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days. All children should have their own tourist card, even if traveling under a passport(s) belonging to their parents. The following documents are required:
- Valid Passport
- Trip flight tickets
Tourist Card is perforated in two sections.
The immigration representative will keep one perforated portion and the second section will be turned in upon departure, (please do not detach the two separate sides). The Cuban Customs Office is responsible for this.
Visa price: $ 80.00 per unit 
- Standard $   20.00 
- Overnight $  40.00
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(HE-11) (P-11)

It is awarded to an entry and exit from national territory to Cuban citizens, who emigrated after the January 1, 1959 and before December 31, 1970, traveling carrying the American passport, they must submit the following:

- Photocopy of current valid US passport.

- Photocopy of a document proving the date of emigration (official American document containing a date between January 1, 1959 and before 1971. Examples: school reports, medical certification, or other documents.

- Two passport-type photographs of 2 “x 2”, taken from the front, not wearing sunglasses, head covering attires or head ornaments.

  • Stay in Cuba will be for 90 days.

For more info contact the Cubabien Travel office: